Sunday, April 12, 2009

CMO Outsourcing

Why not outsource your CMO function?

Even you don't have a CMO function you are undoubtedly doing something to dig up more customers and business. it is likely that your marketing is sporadic at best with gaps in strategy and tactics; key messages, choice of initiatives, coordination across marketing activities, timing and execution of marketing efforts and follow up.


May be you have got one or more mid or lower tier marketing type FTEs who are really missing the leadership needed to get any results from your overall marketing approach or may be your head of marketing (CMO title or not) is just not getting the job done. You need someone to lead up your marketing charge. What if your company really need a CMO but you don't have time to recruit one and you are not quite ready to pay the big bucks that it is going to take to find and pay a hot-level executive.


CMO Outsourcing

Sivaram is an experienced pragmatic technology executive who partner with entrepreneurs, venture-backed firms and established companies who require marketing leadership at pivotal times.

Sivaram provides a high quality and cost effective approach to manage your marketing investment and interim marketing leadership.


Marketing Strategies

Tactical Market Planning

  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Plan review / development
  • Sales alignment review
  • Communications strategy
  • Pricing analysis
  • Research
  • Communication plan
  • Lead generation plan
  • Sale support plans
  • Product marketing plans


Product Marketing

Electronic Marketing

  • Product roadmap
  • Product definition
  • CRM implementation and optimization ie. Salesforce.
  • Demand generation software ie. Eloqua
  • Email marketing
  • Website review

Market Operations

  • Advertising
  • Analyst relation
  • Articles
  • Business development
  • Collateral development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Case studies
  • Demos
  • Direct mail
  • Events
    • User groups
    • Advisory groups
    • Trade show
  • Media buying
  • Presentation develop, design and creation
  • Reference programs


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