Tuesday, April 14, 2009

People change products never brands

Why branding your company important?

People change products and they may even forget product name but never brands. But why?

Every brand is a promise to a society. Great brands change the way we live by creating employments, shareholder wealth and philanthropy. Brands exist for good cause.

Every business exists as company only for short later they mature to a community. People like them unconditional. Everybody knows companies like Coca cola, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, Google etc but not definitely their products. Dell is known for the way they care for their customers. They revolutionized making computer personalized. This shows Dell takes care of every customer equally. The society never forgets good deeds. So Dell can launch any number of products under the brand name. Every buyer knows they are valued. This is same with all companies mentioned above. They live for the way they care for their customers.

Products keep changing. It is a result of time and opportunities

Microsoft first was developing computer operating system and today 250+ brands. So many Microsoft products have retired but brand Microsoft is growing strong every day. A brand is a big tree and products come as fruits and flowers of same tree. We will forget the shape or colour of fruit or flower but never the tree.

What you have for me

What you have for me is next generation campaigning program where you will invite customers to talk about your product and services. The objective of this program is to know what customer expects from brand near future or immediately. What you have for me helps the community development, which leads predictability for long term. Always retaining existing customer is cost efficient than adding a new one

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