Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One man company is the future

Why not outsource everything except ownership

The great company is the result of an outstanding team. The resource scarcity is big challenge across industries. The research report shows the companies spend 65% of their time in hunting for resources. The resource hunting is definitely not the main stream business for any company other than recruitment firms. The high attrition is a sure night mare for every entrepreneur.

Virtual Enterprise
Increased opportunities increased competition too. The profit margins are getting thin to keep customers satisfied. To stay in business long you need to scale your business worldwide. Technology takes business to new heights and internet serves your customer services personalized. A well defined online CRM solution will address the customer handling truly one-on-one. This can incredibly reduce the call centre cost and increase customer satisfaction

You can outsource everything except ownership

You can outsource HR, Legal, Marketing, Finance and engineering. When the delegation is with right team you will have more time to focus in business. You will have profits in your operations as you will save up real estate expenses, utility bills and employee retention costs.


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