Sunday, April 12, 2009

Involve customers in your business active

Why involve customers from beginning?

The real world is always different from presumptions and assumptions. Customers know business than consultants and engineers who innovate IT solutions because they are hands on. Every innovation should fit in customer expectations and business challenges. The re-engineering is always expensive and time consuming. Involving customers from beginning make them feel special. The word of mouth and referral marketing is proven extremely successful; staying connected with customers will get a free marketing to other customers.


Beta customers are important for scaling products

Implementing the products with beta customers is advantageous as you can afford to take risks and there are no SLAs. You will have a free of cost product architect and showcase. The product launch will be successful as you might have gone through couple of real time testing of you application.


Customer speaks are important

Customer speaks column should be made mandatory in website. The websites today most powerful medium for marketing and companies should not fail to use this opportunity. The websites and internet technologies have gone advanced that you can created very successful online community of customers.


As humans products too need community to survive

We humans are a part of social world, socialization make us successful professionally and personally. Products too need to be socialised for success. Make product to fit with industry requirements. Product communications are very important as this builds identity for the products.

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